Maitland Ward Ditches Her Panties For the Premiere of A Haunted House 2


It’s so weird that this chick used to be on Boy Meets World.. I didn’t even recognize her, I had to Google the former Rachel character to refresh the memory.. but yeah it’s her, and she grew up to be someone who rarely likes to get dressed for events, but we’re okay with that. Here she is donning some cool cross dress.. well it would be cool if it had a fashionable purpose, but Maitlin’s only purpose here is to show off her goods.. seeing as this dress is so cheaply made.. and we’re really convinced she’s a stripper.. but we’re okay with that.


NKD Throwback: Danielle Fishel Shows Off Her Topangas for Maxim


So ToBangYa showed up last year in Maxim.. and we’re relishing that moment right now.. maybe because Girl Meets World is going to premiere this year.. maybe because we just want to. We remember when we all wanted a piece of ToBangYa, from when she appeared weird and nerdy to when she grew up and became the lifelong crush of teenage boys everywhere. This shoot is so sacred.. take it in, then let it out. SERIOUSLY. Oh, and see a video after the jump.. the sexiest behind the scenes video of Danielle Fishel ever.


Miley Cyrus Shows Washington Her Ass in a Thong


Miley Cyrus made it to Washington last week on April 10, still on her BANGERZ tour, and she wore a different kind of bodysuit while performing.. one we haven’t seen at her other concerts. All we really have to say is hey, thanks for showing us your full ass Miley.. but TBH this is getting so so so so old.. and we’re waiting for the vag to come out so we can finally put the nail in the coffin.. and never look at your pictures again.. because at that point, we would’ve seen it all.


Morning Quickie: Kendall Jenner’s Ass Cheeks and More

Kendall Jenner

X-Men director Bryan Singer has been accused of molesting kids.

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This is how Tori Spelling found out about Dean’s two-day affair.

Kendall Jenner’s ass cheeks were at Coachella.

Nicole Trunfio is topless in Maxim.

Miley Cyrus is gonna be in the hospital for quite some time.

Miranda Cosgrove grew up fast.. and in a hot way.

Lindsay Lohan‘s reality show won’t get a second season because it stars Lindsay Lohan.

Ireland Baldwin’s nipples are now on Instagram.. sort of.

Can we touch your muscles Jai Courtney?

Farrah Abraham: Making the world dumber, one Keek at a time.

Christina Aguilera has the sexiest pregnancy tits ever.