Chrissy Teigen See-Through to Sexy Bra Top


Chrissy Teigen had to keep up appearances at the DuJour Magazine and NYY Steak event because she’s on the cover of the former this month, so naturally she wore an extremely sexy ensemble – a long black skirt with a lacy top that was completely see-through, and she knows everyone loves her tits.. so her bra is cut extra low. She pretty much looks perfect.


Emma Roberts Dark and Hot


Ever since her entrance into the American Horror Story series, and ever since she had that domestic violence dispute with fiancee Evan Peters, it’s easy to see why most can only visualize Emma in goth mode half the time. Here she fits the bill… this is at the Entertainment Weekly Comic-Con celebration, and she’s showing off her newly dyed dark hair with a black and white ensemble. We approve.


Morning Quickie: Vanessa Hudgens Slight Camel Toe Shorts and More

Vanessa Hudgens

Jenny McCarthy’s son called the cops on her.

Did Brandon Jenner and Kim Kardashian hook up?

Mariah Carey minus the Photoshop is still pretty hot.

Jennifer Nicole Lee working out, anyone?

Victoria Beckham after a workout is still ridiculously hot.

We’d sure like to play around with Nina Dobrev and Kat Graham.

Alessandra Ambrosio sunbathing her ass with friends.

Vanessa Hudgens camel toe shorts are fantastic.

Check out Leo and Lohan in Ibiza.

Jessica Alba Won Comic-Con Weekend


Exotic dancer and revenge seeker Nancy Callahan aka Jessica Alba made an appearance at Comic-Con this weekend to generate interest in the Sin City: A Dame to Kill For prequel. She autographed posters, waved to fans.. and generally looked hot from her side-braided hair down to her semi see-through skirt. We want her and Megan Fox to get together already.