Selena Gomez on Ecstasea Part 2


Selena Gomez is in St. Tropez right now.. on some boat called Ecstasea.. where only bad things go down.. why do you think Selena has a bruise on her ass… in the last set of pics we posted, Cara Delevingne was nowhere to be found but now we see her, there she is, and we feel like wherever Cara is there’s mischief.. we hope she’s hooking up with Selena Gomez and maybe paps will even get some shots of that.. one thing’s for sure, these are way clearer than the last ones!


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Selena Gomez on Ecstasea


The paps that took these are too damn far away to even see anything, but they did the best they could – I guess. Most of these are of Selena in her swimsuit on a yacht called Ecstasea.. oh boy.. but one very special pic shows an “upshirt” so to speak (she has a shirt tied around her waist and it flies up to show a little ass cheek action), but other than that.. they were reaching when they took these pics. Should have surfed to get closer.